August Employment Report Showed Continuing Recovery

General Mark Goode 10 Sep

  This morning, Statistics Canada provided us with some much-needed good news on the economic front following last week’s surprisingly dismal Q2 GDP report. Canada’s labour market continued its recovery in August, especially in the hardest-hit food services and accommodation sectors. The August Labour Force Survey (LFS) data reflect conditions during the week of August […]

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Bank of Canada Responds To Weak Q2 Economy–Holding Policy Steady

General Mark Goode 9 Sep

As we await the quarterly economic forecast in next month’s Monetary Policy Report, the Bank of Canada acknowledged that the Q2 GDP report, released last week, caught them off-guard. In today’s policy statement, the Governing Council of the Bank said, “In Canada, GDP contracted by about 1 percent in the second quarter, weaker than anticipated […]

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Housing Dampened Economy in Q2

General Mark Goode 7 Sep

Housing Dampened Economy in Q2   This morning’s Stats Canada release showed that the economy unexpectedly contracted in the second quarter by 1.1%, down from the revised 5.5% gain in the first three months of the year. The Canadian dollar dipped on the news to $.7921 as questions of resiliency in the face of the […]

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Annual Inflations Hits 3.7% in Canada – A New Election Issue

General Mark Goode 19 Aug

  Annual Inflation Hits 3.7% in Canada–A New Election Issue This morning’s Stats Canada release showed that the July CPI surged to a 3.7% year-over-year pace, well above the 3.1% pace recorded in June. This is now the fourth consecutive month in which inflation is above the1% to 3% target band of the Bank of […]

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Big Question – Will inflation Be Temporary – Or Are Central Banks Wrong?

General Mark Goode 14 Jul

Bank of Canada ‘On the Vanguard’ of Unwinding Stimulus The Bank of Canada raised its inflation forecast in the newly released July Monetary Policy Report (MPR), making it one of the most hawkish central banks in the world. The Bank announced its third action to reduce its emergency bond-buying stimulus program by one-third. The central bank was […]

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The Slow down in Canadian Housing continued in May

General Mark Goode 15 Jun

The Slowdown In Canadian Housing Continued in May Today the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) released statistics showing national existing home sales fell 7.4% nationally from April to May 2021, building on the 11% decline in April. Over the same period, the number of newly listed properties fell 6.4%, and the MLS Home Price Index rose 1.0%, a marked deceleration from previous […]

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Bank of Canada Holds Overnight Rate Steady

General Mark Goode 9 Jun

Bank of Canada Holds Rates and QE Steady–Asserting That Both the Upside in Inflation and the Downside in GDP is Temporary The Bank also noted that “Recent jobs data show that workers in contact-sensitive sectors have once again been most affected. The employment rate remains well below its pre-pandemic level, with low-wage workers, youth and […]

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Housing Drove the Economic Expansion in Q1

General Mark Goode 2 Jun

Housing Drove the Economic Expansion in Q1 This morning’s Stats Canada release showed that the economy grew at a 5.6% annualized rate in the first quarter, after a revised 9.3% pace in the final quarter of last year.  That was somewhat below economists’ expectations. Housing investment grew at an annualized 43% pace, by far the biggest impetus […]

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Starting to See a Slowdown in Canadian Housing

General Mark Goode 21 May

The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) released statistics showing national existing home sales fell 12.4% nationally from March to April 2021. Over the same period, the number of newly listed properties fell 5.4%, and the MLS Home Price Index rose 2.4%. While home sales fell month-over-month in April, largely due to the new lockdowns, April […]

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General Mark Goode 21 Apr

Today, the Bank of Canada held its target for the overnight rate at the effective lower bound of ¼ percent. The Bank is also adjusting its bond-buying program from weekly net purchases of Government of Canada (GoC) bonds of $4 billion to $3 billion. This adjustment to the amount of incremental stimulus being added each week […]

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