Rate Hikes Definitely Off The Table

General Mark Goode 5 Sep

The Canadian economy weakened surprisingly more in the second quarter than the market and the Bank of Canada expected. Real GDP edged downward by a 0.2% annual rate in Q2. The consensus was looking for a 1.2% rise. The modest decline followed a downwardly revised 2.6% growth pace in Q1. (Originally, Q1 growth was posted […]

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Using the CHIP Reverse Mortgage to Supplement your RRIF

General Mark Goode 1 Aug

As you near retirement age, the years of diligently contributing to RRSPs are about to pay off. Understanding Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs) becomes crucial, especially if you have registered retirement savings or pension plans. What exactly is a RRIF? Unlike a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), which serves as a retirement savings account where […]

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Get Top Market Value for Your Property

General Mark Goode 11 Jul

Appraisal Tips for Success Before banks or lending institutions can consider loaning money for a property, they need to know the current market value of that property. The job of an appraiser is to check the general condition of your home and determine a comparable market value based on other homes in your area. This […]

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How Job Loss Affects Your Mortgage Application.

General Mark Goode 4 Jul

  Maybe you have made an offer on a home already or are still in the process of looking, you already understand that buying a home is likely the largest investment you will ever make. When it comes to your mortgage application, there are a few things that you should absolutely avoid doing while you’re […]

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Second Mortgage – Just the facts.

General Mark Goode 21 Jun

One of the biggest benefits to purchasing your own home is the ability to build equity in your property. This equity can come in handy down the line for refinancing, renovations, or taking out additional loans – such as a second mortgage. So, what exactly is a second mortgage? First things first, a second mortgage […]

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Buying a New Home? Play It Smart and Don’t Be House Poor

General Mark Goode 8 Jun

  Having the biggest and best home on the block sounds great – but not if it is at the expense of your life and monthly finances! Be smart about your budget and avoid buying a home at the very top of your pre-approval value, which might lead to cash flow issues and being “house […]

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Upgrading Your Home? Five Ways To Refresh Your Home This Spring.

General Mark Goode 1 Jun

Are you looking to upgrade your home? With warmer weather and extended sunlight hours, spring is the perfect time to give your home a bit of extra TLC. Here are five renovation projects you can do this spring that can increase your home’s appeal, inside and out: 1. Repave your driveway. You may have noticed that […]

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Frequently Asked (and not so frequently!) Mortgage Questions

General Mark Goode 25 May

New to mortgages? Have questions but not sure where to start? We have the answers! What is the best interest rate I can qualify for? Your credit score plays a big role in the interest rate you can qualify for. The riskier you appear as a borrower, the higher your rate will be. While it […]

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What is the First Time Homebuyer Incentive?

General Mark Goode 21 Apr

    The first-time homebuyer incentive program is a shared-equity mortgage with the Canadian government that helps qualified first-time buyers reduce their monthly mortgage payments to better afford a home! The Incentive: This program allows you to obtain an incentive from the government to assist with your down payment, thereby lowering your overall mortgage amount and, […]

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Self-Employed and Seeking a Mortgage

General Mark Goode 14 Apr

    Approximately 20% of Canadians are self-employed, making this an important segment in the mortgage and financing space. When it comes to self-employed individuals seeking a mortgage, there are some key things to note as this process can differ from the standard mortgage. Qualifying for a Mortgage In order to obtain a mortgage as […]

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