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General Mark Goode 17 May

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Managing Debt 101

Orillia | by Jim Birchard  
High schools students in Orillia will be getting advice on how to handle their finances when they head to post-secondary institutions.

Some students graduating from Orillia’s Park Street Collegiate will be taking a little something extra when they head off to University or College.

They will be armed with information on how to manage their finances and avoid debt.

Orillia Mortage Broker Mark Goode will be delivering a special program to the Students on May 28 to help them understand the fundamentals of money management.

The program is called the Enriched Academy and aims to fill the gap by teaching the students how to build their wealth.

Goode says a lot of students just don’t understand how much debt they could accumulate by the time they finish university.

He also says the Enriched Academy will tell the students about the potential pitfalls of credit as well.

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