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Ontario Protecting Consumers Seeking Financial Help

General Mark Goode 8 Jan

“There is evidence of harmful practices used by some debt settlement companies and that is why our government is taking steps to protect consumers. We want to put a stop to abusive practices in the marketplace. Consumers should know their rights before they sign contracts and they should not make any payments until they get results.”

Margarett Best
Minister of Consumer Services


Government Taking Steps to Regulate Debt Settlement Companies
 January 4, 2013 5:30 am

Ontario intends to regulate debt settlement companies to protect consumers from exaggerated claims and abusive practices.

Through new regulations, the government will:

         Ban debt settlement companies from charging up-front fees 

         Limit the amount of fees consumers are charged 

         Require clear, transparent contracts 

         Implement a 10-day cooling-off period.

The government has posted this regulatory proposals for your public comment.


Taking strong action to protect Ontario consumers to educate and protect Ontario families by ensuring a fair, safe and informed marketplace.

 Quick Facts

         Ontario is joining other provinces like Alberta, Manitoba and Nova Scotia,
            which have introduced regulations to crack down on debt settlement companies.

         There are over 20 debt settlement companies operating in Ontario

         The Ontario Association of Credit Counselling Services receives over 100 complaints
            about debt settlement companies a month.

         Average consumer debt in Ontario is up to $25,447 in the second quarter of 2012,
          compared to $24,721 in the second quarter of 2011.

         For every dollar Canadians earn, they have $1.64 in unsecured debt: Statistics Canada.


Speak to an unbiased financial expert when considering your financial future. Financial Services Commission of Ontario


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